Monday, December 28, 2009

Duckworths Grill and Tap House

So, like anyone else these days - it's deal time. Date night came Saturday and I wanted to venture outside of the usual suspects. Now that the Cheesesteakery neons are gone, and the rest of the confusing signs, it was time to go back. We had not been back in almost a year ago and could tell back then that a re-invent was well under way. With the removal of the neons it appeared complete.

I did a little online menu searching and came across a good deal on Saturday nights:
1/2 rack of ribs
5 wings
2 sides
Cheesecake Martini dessert

We got there around 6pm, light crowd, greeted and seated quickly - with a view of some of the bowl game action from the booth. The $13.99 special was printed out on each table, so I could tell they wanted to feature it. After looking at the menu (fairly priced), this was definitely the best option for the money. We both ordered it, got salad and sweet potato fries as the sides. Two interesting things there - the salads were not a tiny bowl of lettuce, but a well prepared and garnished dinner salad. Something you would actually pay $4-5 for anywhere else. The second interesting part in ordering our sides was the option for sweet or salty on the sweet potato fries. With the shock of sweet, we both selected salty. Given the chance again, I might venture for the sweet just to see what it entailed.

Now, for those that enjoy beer, this if for you... 24oz Coors Light for $3 that night too. Who does that kind of beer special on a Saturday? Obviously someone looking to grow their weekend business. Their tap menu and bottled choices were far and away better than most beer offerings within many miles. Hint---Barley Wine is beer, not wine :)

The dinner plate showed up with a mountain of food. This half rack was as much as any chain restaurant full rack. The wings were fried, sauced and then grilled. A very pleasant surprise. That costs you extra at another place up the road.

We both had food to take home, especially wanting to eat our dessert there. It was the only part that lacked wow. It's a martini glass full of whipped cream, with your choice of a cheesecake wedge (but a very small piece), and your choice of syrup (raspberry, caramel, or chocolate). It was okay, but after all of the other, it was just small.

For the price - AWESOME. Prompt service, great value, clean and well lit environment, a definite to revisit for another night of specials.

Have a great night!

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Open house

Good Morning y'all,

Just a quick note to say hello and welcome. There have been several visits and things to share during the holidays - keep checking back for a ton of info to start the new year. 2010 is going to be well fed :)