Friday, January 22, 2010

Brixx on a Budget. Novel thought :)

So after nearly completing my MBA at Brixx, I get some good emails now and again. This one came as two parts. Copy and print the screen shot above for the deal listed. A FREE salad (they have a few great ones to choose from) with the purchase of two dinner entrees. We tend to take our daughter, so the salad will double as her meal. Add some chicken/shrimp/salmon and it's a good meal.

The second part is their Double Date offer. We can all use one of them now and again. Buy 2 pizzas Get 2 Free! It actually is for every two you buy, you get two free - dine in. Bless you if you can eat 4 and get 4 free, but that's the deal too. Take a group, take your co-workers out, something. One thing is for sure - my favorite kind of food is free, so I will take it.

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