Monday, January 11, 2010

Chili's on a budget

Like anyone, a good dose of chips and salsa can make me happy. We do a salsa at home based on the Chili's recipe (and it's great), but we never have chips as good. Well, if you are like me - Sunday is for you!

Chili's has an unadvertised special in the "lounge/bar" area on Sundays that is their Happy Hour menu. You can get it on weekday afternoons, but work seems to get in the way of that. Number One Rule: Sit on the left side. It's non-smoking now (YEAH!), so it's really all the same - add TVs.

The Grilled Chicken Sandwich is my favorite. $4.99, topped with bacon, lettuce and tomato; comes with fries and it's normally $7.99. I am all about saving 3 bucks. Same goes for the Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad - just $4.99. There are burger minis with fries, various appetizers, and draft beers all dollars below regular price. The only catch is where you sit. I presume the "bar" moniker is still difficult to overcome on a Sunday in south, and from the looks of it, the restaurant side does well because of it.

They knock a little off the chips, but the bottomless part is where I make my mark. The servers are so nice, they will pack you a bag to go home with too. How can you beat that?

Please remember to save the soda for home. $2 a soda is the norm, and kills the dealing feeling when you see that on the bill. Water helps the salsa go down anyway. Using the water plan, 4 of us ate there yesterday for $30 including tip. I tip well, so yes, this is a GREAT deal.

Want to know a secret on getting the best service possible whenever you go to a Chili's anywhere??? Here it is - the restaurant side is where they train new servers. If you sit on the lounge side, no rookies, only the best servers that they have. You may get someone on a bad day, but they are the most experienced. In some cases, on a light day it may be the bartender. If so, sit on the right side of the bar section (closest to the middle of the restaurant). It's closest to the opening on the side of the bar. It's easier for the bartender to get to you, and other servers come to that side to get their drinks i.e.: They will top of your drinks/chips to help the bartender out and get their stuff faster.

Ahhhh. All make sense now? Good! As Wolfgang Puck would say: Live, Love, Eat!

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