Sunday, January 24, 2010

DaVeste Vineyards

Okay, if you don't like wine (or it doesn't like you) - stop reading. For the rest, here's the scoop. Stevie kidnapped my debit card last time we were there. Purely accidental I am sure, but none the less, she got to see us twice in one day. Wow... that sounded better in my head. Anyway, we just went back for a tasting to see what's new. Here's the cool part - there is a lot of new. They brought in a new wine maker about a year ago and tasting his touch on the 2008 wines show the changes in store. The 2009s will be 100% his creations and will be a clear reflection of his style.

To really see what his tastes are, they are hosting a tapas dinner with wine pairings on Thursday night. It's January 28th at 6pm sharp. You will need to call on Weds to reserve a spot. Talk to Stevie. Tell her you know the guy who's debit card she stole and that should get a laugh. Anyway, it's some seafood and meat dishes, a dessert. All the usual suspects really.

Beyond that, if you like wine, take some time to do a tasting and get ready for the Dulcinea. There are two - the 2007 and 2008. I am a huge fan of the 2008. It's a chilled red dessert wine and it is fantastic. Overall, all of the wines are good. They are putting the remaining 2006 bottles on sale to clear out stock. That was their first vintage, and they are all quite dry. At $10 a bottle - it's a deal.

Watch for info coming in February for their new wine releases. We expect a party. I hope they know that.

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