Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year

So on a take out note - we all had an opportunity to try the new Domino's recipe pizzas for the football regular season finale. They state they have improved the cheese by using 100% mozzarella and add provolone for flavor; they have added 40% more herbs and spices to the sauce; added flavoring to the crust (in it and brushed on with garlic dressing).

First note - the sauce definitely has more bite. You can tell there is a difference. The crust is a huge improvement. It's still not like Hungry Howies flavored crusts, but it is the biggest improvement in this change. The cheese did not really seem any different. I love provolone, but could not taste it. Not a big deal, this is a convenience pizza - not my usual fare. I just wanted to share some feedback.

My football season has ended, so there will be no more of that for a while.

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