Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Kobe (just not the one you were thinking)

So being a lover of all things sushi, living away from the ocean is tough. Living near the lake has several options for the seafood lover - and yet I work nowhere near it. So the next best thing... Hickory, you guessed it. Okay, maybe you didn't.

Kobe in Hickory looks (on the outside) much like the Kobe Hero in Cornelius. Inside is a lot different. Kobe Hero went for a lot of dark, rich granite surfaces and such. This one is simple and light. What really matters is the food though right? Of course.

I love to start off lunch ordering a garden salad with ginger dressing. Theirs (like most) are bagged "american mix" salad greens with some shreds of carrot. A little tomato, a large dollop of dressing and we are in business. Certainly not to the quality or quantity of Joels or Sushi at the Lake, but the price is $2 and that makes me happy.

There were two of us for lunch, so 4 rolls typically gets the job done. In December, they ran a great Buy 3 Get 1 Free promo. It was like buying tires - only with a lot more flavor :) We got ordered a Spicy Tuna Roll (extra spicy), a Spicy Salmon Roll (that had cream cheese - yum), a Shrimp Tempura Roll and a roll I don't really remember other than it had tuna, cucumber and cream cheese. It was the most forgettable really.

All of them were good. Not the super-thick rolls that make you OPEN WIDE, but good for the $4-$4.50 that we paid. The fish is very fresh, the veggies were as well. Overall a good deal for lunch. For the sushi-impaired, they do offer Teppan teriyaki or hibachi lunches of chicken, steak or shrimp. All of them are in the $7-$8 range (about the norm).

As far as service, I have only sat in the sushi bar side, and had one waitress every single time (6 in total in the last 6 weeks). She is absolutely on it every time. I mean IMPRESSIVE service. She is not the hostess type, not the chatty Cathy type either, she is a waitress almost in the style from an old diner [Do you remember Alice at Mel's Diner???]. The soda never goes low, the napkins come without asking, the checking in and taking plates is automatic. The bill does not show up until she is sure you are finished. Very efficient and consistent. That is a plus for a lunch visit when you need to get back to work. I am a fan for sure and will continue to go.

I still have to get my Kobe Hero certificates from Restaurant.com and get back there to see how the two compare now.

Have a great night and remember - Eat because you want to and not because you have to.

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