Thursday, January 14, 2010

Local economy strikes another

While many of us know downtown Statesville has made an effort to change and improve, down goes another victim. Small shops, bakeries and such have all disappeared over the last year and Maestro's Restaurant becomes the latest victim. A partner in the restaurant was the owner of Wine Maestro (hence the name), but nothing can seem to change the fact that the economy is still hurting the mom and pop business owner.

In an effort to add new life, Grouchos (out of SC) is coming to downtown Statesville. The sandwiches get good reviews, but the sauces seem to invoke the greatest reviews. Inside scoop says about two more weeks until they open. I can assure you I will be all over those sauces and let you know.

To anyone that has a favorite local spot, remember that they need you. Coming from a resturant family - it really makes a difference. Look for their specials and show your support.

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