Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lowes Foods is King of the BOGO

So, I think it is quite obvious that I enjoy food. I prefer when someone else does all of the hard work, but groceries are a must in any house. Lowe's Foods is one of those stores I only hit when there is a great sale. Well - GREAT SALE ALERT! Here's the list of the BOGO (Buy 1 Get 1 Free) stuff that caught my attention:
Boneless chicken breast
Boston Butt pork roast
Ground turkey
London broil
Breyers ice cream
Shredded cheese
Cheez-it crackers
New England coffee
(the Chocolate Cappuccino is awesome)
There is other stuff like apple juice, rice, etc...

They have a couple deep discounts too:
Pepsi product 2 liters 69 cents
DiGiorno Pizzas $3.99
The have limits, so bring the whole family :)

Check out the flyer on your way in. The new one at the corner of Williamson and Brawley has some Grand Opening specials every day. Don't miss out.

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