Monday, January 25, 2010

Monterrey Mexican Mooresville Mmmmm

Sorry, got carried way with the letter M. It seemed like fun at the time. For those of you that know what a ValPak coupon envelope look like, then you have seen coupons for Monterrey. If you discard the ValPak, you are literally throwing money away.

The most recent ValPak has a BOGO coupon for lunch and one for dinner. We went late Saturday afternoon, so we were in the dinner mode. The coupon is buy one entree and two soft drinks, get one entree free. We had our daughter - still within kids menu age - so this deal works for us. My wife gets a tea and my daughter gets a soda (I go cheap with the water). The specialty platters have some of the best value, so that's where we looked.

I ordered the Enchiladas Verde ($8). This is something I have ordered from Monterrey periodically for the last 12 years. They are as good today as they were then. Is that saying they were bad then and bad now? No. They are good now (and were then too). My wife ordered the Yolandas ($8). That is their specialty red enchilada (chicken). Mine came with rice and beans (oops), and hers came with rice and guacamole salad. Lucky for me that she does not like guac. BONUS! Our daughter got a taco/enchilada kids plate ($4). Of course, we all enjoyed the two baskets of free chips and salsa.

There are only two knocks on the visit, so let's start with a plus. The service was amazingly fast and friendly. The chips were fresh and warm even for a slower period in the day. Knock number one is that the mild salsa lacked a lot. It was really like tomato puree, needing some salt and cilantro at minimum. Luckily, add a little of their hotter salsa and all is good again. Knock number two is that in fact getting the food quickly hurt the corn tortilla wrappers opportunity to soak in the sauce a little more. Corn vs flour is a battle in our house. The corn tend to be tougher, needing that extra TLC to make sure they soften enough before serving. When we reheated the left overs (oops), you could see the improvement in texture to the tortillas. They were soft and delicious, full of sauce and cut easily with the side of a fork.

As always, portions were great. Our daughter had enough on her plate, while we both had enough to bring home enough to eat a lunch the next day. Everything reheated well, a testimony to the initial preparation of the rice, beans, chicken all not being overcooked. Again, the reheating actually made the tortilla better. It must be the beef stew theory.

Price wise, we got out for dinner, with tax and tip for just over $20. Thank you ValPak. I am going to use the school teacher approach and give it B+.

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