Friday, February 26, 2010

Hardees - What the rest of America is missing!

I have to say that I am someone that really avoids fast food typically. The go-go-go faster days seem to force the issue at times. Sure enough, Hardees was just in the right place at the right time. Maybe it was the commercial showing a fireman getting lit up by this burger - then pounding his Coke, his buddies Coke, and looking for another. Can you say CHALLENGE??? What man would not jump on this one?

Well, I tried it in the chicken version. I figured less calories, fat, etc... and it was good. It was not wow, but it was good. The $3.99 price tag for just the sandwich was just too much. I scoped out the price of the burger - just $2.29. Now that is appealing. They serve Coke Zero, so that makes it better. The chicken came in a little wrapper, the burger - a mammoth box the likings of a specialty sandwich at McDonalds.

Presentation is the first taste with anything. I get a big bag, in the big bag, a big box and several napkins. Inside the box, the wrap the sandwich like a deli - with one end out. Leaf lettuce, red onion, tomato and cheese all sitting nicely on the burger. You can see the jalapenos and a little sauce underneath. It actually looks as close to the commercial as I think I have ever seen. It was worth the $2.29 even before the first bite. Ah, the first bite... YUM. This thing is really really tasty.

You can tell they salt the meat a little (just like the others), and that helps the beef flavor come through all of the condiments. The jalapenos are a mild to medium, depending on your taste. To me, it was more like a pickled pepper rather than a hot pepper. It did not interfere in the taste at all. I love pickles, so pickles with heat is a huge plus. There were plenty on there for me to enjoy too :)

So, it's not some new restaurant rave review. It's a great burger at a great price at a surprising place. It's worth mentioning.

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