Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Treasure Hunt Lunch - The Untold Story of the Chicken Taco Salad

Think back to the last time you (or a co-worker) got a Chicken Taco Salad at a mexican restaurant. Did you ever really SEE the chicken? Unless it was at a Salsarita's or Qdoba, I am betting that you didn't. For whatever reason, they seem to put it on the bottom. That's right... under the lettuce.

I have two ideas (three if you count treasure hunt). The first is they don't want to wilt the lettuce. It's fluffier on top when it's not wilted from warm chicken, right? The second is they don't want you to see it. It's too little, it's over-cooked, it's scrap pieces of dark meat. You get the idea.

Well, I fell victim to the hunt yesterday. We had a few people missing from work so we ordered take out from El Tapatio Mexican in Hickory. Big glob of guacamole on top, big glob of sour cream next to it, a tomato slice (are we making sandwiches???) and then just lettuce. The little bit of cheese was hidden on top of the chicken, mozzarella I think. I did not know that was a mexican thing.

Somehow I get the idea that if this is not authentic, then the restaurants are just all in cahoots on some master plan to ruin this salad for us. Monterrey does it, so does Cozumel. Is there some crazy cooking school teaching the Mexican Upside Down salad? I will stick to pineapples and cake for anything upside down.

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