Wednesday, March 24, 2010

WE MADE IT !!! Kobe Hero BABY

I finally got to use our certificate for Kobe Hero in Cornelius. I was told about this new roll called simply the Kobe Roll. Well, if it's got the name, it better be good. Oh IT WAS. It takes (my favorite) spicy tuna and asparagus and roll it up in the nori and rice... then they add beef. You read it right beef. They sear tender beef and roll that on the outside. Add a little of the red sauce blend used inside for the spicy tuna and you have a killer roll. I did not even want to eat dinner, this roll was so good I wanted another. At $10, it was a little on the higher side from what I would order - but worth it. Did I mention that we had the certificate???

So, the hibachi chef did the usual good job. You can see they are getting faster and better as they spend time. He was really on it last night. We all got variations of the chicken - mine being the new spicy option (imagine that). All of us left with plenty of leftovers for another meal. Here's the deal. Sushi, dinner, dessert and lunches for another day (for all 3 of us) - $57. You are reading correctly. That was a great deal.

If you are not using certificates, you are missing out. Read my post from late 2009 on how it works. The current promo code is COOK. Why pay full price if you can save money and eat out. It's a win win.

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