Monday, April 19, 2010

Brixx in full summer swing

What does great weather have to do with pizza? Brixx of course. Their fresco seating, combined with a fun, light fare and great pizza toppings make for a wonderful Saturday afternoon event. A little light shopping at Birkdale, and you have a great little time out from the every day.

We always find ourselves enjoying a quirky pizza. This time it was Wild Mushroom pizza - that was brushed with olive oil, a medley of wild mushroom, some shaved Parmesan cheese and arugula for topping. I never realized the spicy little bite that arugula has until it is featured on a pizza.

We find a nice salad goes well with their pizza. There are only 4 salads to choose from, but they are all very different. The namesake favorite being the Brixx Salad with spring mix, goat cheese, pine nuts and other tasty bits. I opted for the caesar, looking for a contrast to the springy flavor of the pizza. They have a spinach salad that is well prepared, as well as a meditarranean that has banana peppers, cheese and onion.

One constant is the great service. Our server used to be the full time bartender - and was a reason we sat in inside all the time. Even going for just a snack, she did such a good job, we would sit in the bar section. Parenthood has changed her schedule, which changed her section, which changed our section. We are all for it.

Being what are deemed "regulars", we get all types of cool promos and discount opportunities. I love trying new places - no doubt. But there is a welcome pleasure in being remembered and cared for at a restaurant.

Lunch for 3 (with take home packs) - $32. I'll take it all day.

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