Friday, April 9, 2010

Flat Rock Grille - a worthy trip

Steak and Seafood done well in Hickory and Asheville!

I was happy to find great food at the Flat Rock last night. We had a company celebration and chose the Hickory location due to it's convenience. I have wanted to go, due to their nice brunch menu. Fortunately this was my favorite kind of food - FREE. I mean someone paid, just not me :)

Appetizers came by the plenty. There was a hummus-like shrimp and crab dip, fried wontons, calamari, potato skins and the ever popular spinach artichoke dip. To start , I think the wontons had the spinach dip in them. They were not what I expected, though not bad. The spinach dip fad has run it's course in my opinion, so I am never impressed. Now do the crab dip with large lump crab and you get my attention. I saw the shrimp, the rest was hard to tell. The potato skins were typical in quality - but very large. That was a nice plus, we were able to split them so everyone had plenty. The calamari was fresh and crisp. Apps are apps, these were no different.

Entrees were the real highlight. I ordered the NY strip (cooked medium) with the sweet potato souffle and grilled asparagus. The temp on the steak was 100% perfect. It was a fine cut, tender and flavorful. It had a great char on the exterior, while being wonderfully medium throughout. The souffle was very tasty, though not a souffle at all. It was a portion of a casserole scooped out on the plate. I was hoping for a pillowy little dish of yumminess. It was a slightly runny, yummy sweet scoop of goodness. Just not as advertised. The asparagus was tender and nicely grilled.

Others had a rack of ribs (massive), diamond grilled flounder (very impressive) in an apricot glaze, fried fish trio, all of the sides were ample and well enjoyed.

The visit was a lot of fun, not too busy (so conversation was easy), food was timed well, service was good, the only hang up is the pricing. $22 for a strip is a little high, $21 for the flounder is certainly high - though I promise I will be going to get it myself. Chicken and pasta entrees are in the middle teens for price, so most budgets can go. I just know in other locations, a porterhouse runs $22-23. I'd love a porterhouse right now. Gotta grill???

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