Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day 1 - The BIG Regret - Check in at the Madison Hotel Memphis

As I type this blog today, I am completing another email to that establishment to correct some billing issues. While the facility has the potential to be amazing, the staff certainly allows someone like myself to be left unimpressed. Considering the managing partner waited until I posted on TripAdvisor before he interceded tells me they don't pay attention to their daily operation.

If you ask anyone in Memphis where to stay for a special night, only two places are spoken - The Peabody and the Madison. After attempting to get access to a part of the roof of the Peabody for a "Prom Night" for my wife and I, it became clear that the Madison was going to be a more accommodating hotel (for that anyway). I worked with someone in their events team to get some details together to make the whole night special. Several emails and time lines were ignored before I finally made some headway. I was referred to concierge for the completion of our reservation and details.

We arrive at the hotel, pull up at valet, get inside and check in. I am presented a room summary sheet that shows the incorrect price. I was offered an upgrade from the event coordinator during our conversations, I am certain to address his lack of response on multiple occasions. I appreciated that, but it did not show on the paper I was shown. The manager in concierge was not there at that time, so I would address the next morning - STAY TUNED.

We get up to our room and for a suite - WOW... I was under impressed. We enter a seating area, probably about 8x10, with a TV cabinet, love seat, minibar and a couple windows. It has a hallway to the closet and then around to the bedroom area. It is about the same size, maybe a little bigger. The bathroom and closet took up the middle third of the "suite" and really made everything feel cramped.

Now, credit where credit is due, the bed, linens and pillows were fantastic. This was a very plush bed we got a great night's sleep - until the storm blew up. More to come there too. Boy, you are really going to have to check back for all of this :)

Now, in all of our travels, as well as mine for work, I have stayed in a number of suites that make this look like a just a king room. For the advertised price of $248 + + + + (yes, there are several added fees), I was not impressed at all. During my later interactions, I was told the room normally sold for over $300 + + + +.

I am going to stop here and the next entries about the evening will cover:
The roof top
The ride and storm
The dinner - AMAZING!!!

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  1. We've stayed at Madison every time we go to Memphis and always love it. The staff, the rooms, everything - always incredible.