Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 1 Continued - Thunderstorms afoot...

The storm is lurking. This was 5:30pm.
So we settle in to our room, relax a little and I sneak away to make final prep for the night. We look out and see the Mississippi River and it's getting dark. Weather Channel and all local broadcasts are going nuts of the storms rolling in through Mississippi, Arkansas and Western Tennessee - in other words coming RIGHT AT US.

The plan was celebrate our 16th anniversary, themed as a Sweet Sixteen/Prom Night with evening gown and tuxedo, and surprise my wife with the whole thing. How then do you convince a woman to do her hair and make-up, put on an evening gown and go out on a rooftop with that storm lurking??? I guess it was all trust, or I am a better negotiator than I think. As you can tell from the photo, it was not looking good. Our ride was coming at 7:30 so 7pm on the room was a must. As we step off the elevator and out the door, the rain stopped. I had our wedding song playing on my iPhone (In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel) and we were telling each other the 3 things we love most (about the other person) from the last 16 years. It was really fun and touching.

It was not dancing, since there was talking, but it made the grade for a nice moment. Off to the ride. Down to the lobby and sitting waiting, a horse an carriage pulls up. I am told by my wonderful bride that it BETTER NOT BE FOR US! Well, lucky for me, a taxi pulled up a minute later as I was trying not to lie about it. Playing dumb is not hard for me really. We go out and sure enough, she gets in the carriage with me anyway. YEAH :)

Scenic tour of Memphis and a brisk gallop by the horse to make a turn and climb a hill. This was straight out of the wild west, and my Mrs. loved that part. It was exciting to say the least. The storm is back, and it's getting ugly. We pass a ton of cool sites on a historic tour; including Elvis Presley Park (looking past the vomiting bum) and approach Beale St. Did I mention we were going out to eat? Good. Save that for next.

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