Monday, May 17, 2010

Day 1 - The Grand Finale in Memphis - Itta Bena

Don't adjust your computer, the blue hue is from the neon of Beale Street.  Welcome to BB King's latest creation - Itta Bena.  A Cajun flavored Speak Easy above his blues club.  Don't get lost... There are no signs, no doorway from the street.  There is a non-descript back stairway from the side road with a small valet stand.  That's it.  You have to know to know, you know?

While I am sure they could charge extra for the exclusive nature, entrees were $14-$35.  There was plenty of seafood on the menu, including my choice of Shrimp and Scallops over Grits.  There was a wonderful creamy caper sauce off to the side, and a touch of cheese in the grits.  My wife found herself breaking form and choosing the Pork Tenderloin over the Filet.  The pork was seared, sliced and glazed with a maple sauce, served with sweet carrots and mashed potatoes.

The real shining star was this salad pictured.  I am not one for the overly sweet options on my salad, but the spinach was tender, the strawberries were great, the goat cheese had plenty of punch and the slightest dressing to marry with the candied pecans.  The server saw we ordered the one salad (mostly so I was not stuck with something I would not like), so he had the kitchen split the plates.  Very cool.

Cocktails were well made, acoustic music pouring out from the bar side, not a hint of poor performance in the entire night.  We passed on dessert however.  The offerings were not very original or exciting... cakes and pies I could get anywhere really.  The entree portions were large enough that I really did not have the room for it. 

As we depart, the rain is coming in buckets.  The valet hails a cab for us and gets soaked in the process - and we are off.  What a wonderful way to conclude the evening.

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