Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 1 lunch - Wildhorse Saloon

So rolling into Nashville, I challenged my dear wife to find somewhere for us to eat. She made a few calls, checked some stuff on her phone, and bang - Wildhorse it is. Now, it's not as wild during the day as you might hope. It's owned by Gaylord Entertainment, the same folks that own the Grand Ole Opry and such. It was great none the less.

First thing walking in is the rustic wood with the light bright stage and dance area. This place is loaded with tables, so they are well equipped for the restaurant side of the business. I am sure it's a different world at night. Looking around at all of the promo posters for concerts, you can tell they are a serious contender in the entertainment business... Charlie Daniels, Rascall Flatts, Loverboy, Brett Michaels, the list was massive.

I ordered the beef brisket sandwich with homemade chips. My wife got the pretzel sandwich with ham and cheese and a side of chips. Nothing gastro-pub worthy, but well priced and well made. The house recipe BBQ sauces were great. One had a mustard base that was dynamite. The sweet tea had honey in it, giving a great flavor. Considering all of the chain choices in town, I am glad for this option.

There was a convention in town, as well as a marathon and normal tourism. The service was still good. The staff seemed to be pleasant all around.

Now unfortunately, as I type, this area is getting crushed by flood waters. Historic places like the Ryman and the Opry are faced with flooding. The Opry hotel is already flooded, as are several area attractions, stores and restaurants. I am very thankful to have had the chance to go last week. There is plenty more to talk about - weather being a part of our trip as well. I certainly hope and pray everyone still in Nashville is safe and able to stay out of harms way. We will be returning this summer and will let you know what we find as far as clean up and recovery.

***Update:  The Ryman was safe, the Opry was not.  Unfortunately the water line that seemed to hold just outside the Wildhorse Saloon came inside on the second surge.  They are closed until further notice.

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