Sunday, May 16, 2010

Toast in Davidson for Sunday breakfast

We had been to the Toast in Huntersville on a slammed packed morning, and were expecting the same so we left a little early.  Pulling into downtown Davidson at 8:40am on a Sunday reminds you of one important thing... church parking takes over at 8:30.  As we approach Toast, my wife hops out and I scout a parking space - and it was one of two within blocks of the restaurant.

The al fresco tables were not occupied yet, and inside it was only about half full and my wife is already seated.  One of the first things I notice is there is about one staff member for every 3 customers.  The place is loaded with staff for the morning rush.

After ordering a coffee and a sweet tea, we decide on Cinnamon & Raisin French Toast and the Country Benedict.  The benedict is poached eggs with country ham on a biscuit with sausage gravy and homefries on the side.  Now, let me share one good note early - coffee and tea are only $1.50 unlike everywhere else that seems to get $2-2.29 now.  I was pleased, the mug was large and the coffee was very good.  I think the bigger mug has intention though - less refills needed.

Our food came very quickly.  That is key to turning tables on a busy day.  The french toast came with a meat (bacon in this case) and the benedict was as expected.  I was actually asked how I wanted my poached eggs cooked.  That threw me at first.  I am used to essentially one way, but I guess there are people wanting them cooked less or more.  I went with medium (thanks to the server's suggestion) and it was right on with how I expected them.

Now, the gravy is well made, the ham was not overpoweringly salty, the homefries were cooked well-done as asked.  A few were a little hard inside still, but that was a minor issue really.  I got exactly what I asked for and got it very fast.

Now, we have been there all of about 15 minutes, are almost done eating and the crowd is swarming.  Here's where the big mug works.  Most people get a mug that holds a cup and a half of coffee and they are done with one.  Me... not so much.  I am good for at least 2 of those.  This is where putting my empty mug off to the side got another servers attention to get a refill.  He got a box for the left over french toast, and yet another person came to grab plates and take our check.  Our server was off working a table at the complete opposite end of the restaurant.  If anything, that would be my only suggestion on the visit - if he were helping tables in a section on a busy morning, he would not miss the empty mug or chance for any other interactions.  He was a good server though, he just had a lot going on in different areas. 

All in all, this will absolutely be a repeat affair for us.  We may avoid Sunday mornings around 9, or just go a little earlier.  We love the quaint feel of Davidson and this place is a perfect fit.  A little stroll around town helped burn off some of those delicious calories. 

Prices you ask?  Her breakfast was $7.95 and mine was $9.95.  Fair price for the quality and location.

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