Friday, May 28, 2010

Troutman gets another Winner! Kyjos Japanese Thai Sushi

Listen up - Oishii is gone.  When you pull up at Kyjos, you can tell immediately that you have found a completely different place.  I was very pleased to see a nice decor, art on the wall, nice tables and chairs.  It was not a poor attempt at fast food done Asian, but a true restaurant that features Asian food.

Now, thanks to a grocery receipt advertising at Food Lion, we were buying 2 sushi rolls and getting 1 free.  We all like free, right?  Well sure enough, we would have been happy to pay for all 3 - it was good.  Enough of that - lets get to the real review part.

The owner is named Jen.  She happened to be cooking tonight.  We did not meet her, but we were greeted by her daughter as she opened the door for us upon arrival.  I would guess her to be 6 or 7.  It was a great way to be met at the door.  We picked a table and were greeted right away.  The young man took our drink order and had our server come over promptly.  He was doing deliveries (love that idea), and our server was Dara.  She was very conversational and was a treat as a server.

We ordered some basics for sushi.  I figured if they aren't good, why go the extra bucks for the specialty stuff and be even more disappointed.  Well, next time, it's specialties.  We ordered a Cali roll, spicy tuna and a Philly Roll.  All were exactly as we expected.  They even used the regular and black sesame seeds on the outside of the spicy tuna.  All of the sushi was very well prepared.

The menu is wide open.  It took a few minutes to see what we wanted.  I like choices, I just didn't expect so many.  No worries.  We will get to several I imagine.  Initially, we expected to order the 3 rolls and one entree to split.  Instead, that express dinner menu had great choices for $5-$8.  Where else can you imagine getting chicken, steak, shrimp or scallops dinners for less than $12.  Well, at Kyjos you can.  They offer different veggies (for the non-broccoli person in my house), white or fried rice, or even garlic noodles.  The treat were certainly the garlic noodles.  You could tell we were close the bottom of the pan, as the garlic was a little heavy.  I liked it, my wife was a little surprised.  I am safe from the vampires for another day - yeah! 

We have another conversation with our server and find out the name Kyjos comes from Jen's children's names.  We met Jo Jo as the door, and the Ky comes from her son's name.  It's a nice personal touch to the place.  Troutman is a small town, and family is a big part of it.  This fits right in.

The bill comes - every one's least favorite part.  From previous reviews, you know how annoyed I can get at high priced fountain drinks/tea.  Sure enough, just $1.50.  Way to go Jen.  I would have been very upset to find $2.50 sodas slipped in to our well priced, well prepared meal.

Here's the cool part.  They gave us our coupon back.  I am sure they will do well once everyone realizes that they have nothing to do with what was in that space previously.  The stove may have stayed (maybe), but that is it.  The staff, food, everything is new and wonderful.  I PROMISE we will be back often.

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  1. I would agree strongly with this reciew, we also had the chance to go and enjoy the sushi. We did the specialty rills and I have to say they were exceptional. We had 7 people that went and food was all out in a timely manor drinks were always topped off, and as Jim noted just a real treat the have such a place in Troutman so close to home.

  2. I tried this restaurant with my friends after they raved about it. I have to admit, I was a little skeptical of the service and quality of food but I was pleasantly surprised. The menu was a bit overwhelming because there are so many choices but that is also a good thing. We were greeted and seated right away. Our waiter was prompt and took our drink orders and came back almost immediately with our drinks. I like that because before I go to any restaurants, I go through a tiny fasting, so needless to say, I am super thirsty. The waiter took our order and the food came out pretty fast. I was a little nervous about the short time it took, fearing that the taste is not of quality. Again, I was pleasantly surprised. The chicken was perfectly cooked and the vegetables was not over cooked so that it is too soft. It was just right and crispy. I was also impressed with the white rice also. It was cooked to perfection whereas other places either was too dry and you need at least 3 glasses of drinks to help you swallow it or too wet that you had to ask for oatmeal to thicken it up. The price we paid was average and didn't put a hole in my pockets at all. Needless to say, I was very happy overall and will be going back again. One of the best things is that they open 7 days a week!

  3. We Love the place! We've eaten at some of the top raved asian restaurants around and KYJO's is hands down the Best! We feel comfortable bringing the kids, its upscale quality in a small town, can't beat it!

  4. I'll give them big, big props for quality in Troutman (or anywhere, for that matter), but unless they're farming their own fish, I can't recommend their sushi prices.

    Good place, though.