Monday, June 21, 2010

East Coast Wings + ECW Insanity Wing = PAIN (in a good way)

Okay, so the title may confuse some.  To put it simply, the Insanity Wing (yes wing, not wings!) is ludicrous hot.  So much so that they sell them in eaches rather than 6 or 10. 

Where else will $1.89 buy you a gastro-intestinal assault that ranks right up there with swallowing hot coals from your barbecue grill? 

The sane person believes only a fool will do this stunt.  The fool believes he (or she) can do it when they have people there to watch.  Someone in the middle brings the friends and eats ice cream to coat the stomach - which did not help.

So ECW has an expanse menu of various chicken items, as well as shrimp, burgers, wrap and salads.  I could definitely find plenty of good  things to eat if I weren't there for a stomach assault.  Our server knew the 75 flavor process very well and made good recommendations.  Picking above average heats (volcano and lava flow), we got off to a hot start.  We both knew this would not be even close to the Insanity wing, but had to start somewhere toward the top.  The wings are large, well prepared staying a little crunchy in all the sauce.  I got a salad and some homemade chips to start off.  Pretty much everyone got wings in a variety of heats and flavors.  No one was disappointed.    For the beer drinker, they have plenty of specials with big mugs and cheap prices. 

Now of course, the real reason for going, to "warm up" for the Quaker Steak Atomic Wing Challenge.  I figured we should try theirs before we go do the other.  I am reconsidering the Atomic after "the morning after."

The single flapper comes out buried in sauce.  It's brick red with several goodie bits in it.  We were told when it was on it's way, so the fear could start to mount.  Okay, no fear really, just planning for the immediate future.  Napkins, water, lemons, creamy dressings I held back from my salad on purpose, any un-finished beverage on the table was subject to the grasp of the gladiators. 

Flappers are meant to be peeled back a little and eaten in one swoop.  Did anyone ever tell you how bad your cuticles will burn from getting the sauce under your finger nails.  Wing chewed, down the hatch, lips on fire, now throat, oh my aching stomach.  Water water water, blue cheese, lemons, ranch, lemons, toast, ice, water, ice, water, SCREAM, more - oh no - no more water.  Tears, runny nose, red face - all the attributes of a strong warrior right?  If there's one thing I know... don't rub your eyes.  Ok, got it.  But blow your nose with the napkin and get wing sauce on it???  Face and eyes are a subject - holy ouch.  My right eye is melting. 

Bathroom - wash face and hands (NOT in that order) multiple times.  Now, go sit, burn, try to act cool.  The ill effects are burning for a little over 30 minutes, but really drop off quickly.  The lips took it the worst.  The next day was stomach.  Tums, water and a lot of groaning at work. 

If you have heard horror stories about people trying this - they are probably true.  If you want great wings, this is certainly the place.  Almost every price on the menu was better than the competition EXCEPT the wings.  They are bigger than most, so you pay a little more than most.  The 75 flavors cost 99 cents to add per order (up to 25 wings).  That is the only drawback.  They run specials almost every day, so check the website and plan according to your tastes.  Monday is wing night, so have a blast.  And remember YOU WERE WARNED!


  1. i work there as a server and tonight they let us eat one if we wanted (since we were closed sunday plenty of time to recover)!! I did it and felt every thing you described to a T!!! i have to say the first hour after i was hating life but then it sunk in that most of the guys didnt do and i did! total ego boost!!! but i will never do it again!!

  2. I dont know about everybody else but my entire face was num and i was vomiting. Not fun ...

  3. I just had one last night. Was up the whole night, ended up throwing up twice, and didn't make it to the office until about 1 PM. Even now, I still am feeling queasy. It felt like I had food poisoning....not a pleasant experience...but now my pic is up on the wall, so maybe in a few weeks, I'll look back on it and laugh.

  4. I'm a 24 year old female from statesville NC and did the insanity wing challange yesterday. I'm am now out of work and at home for the day from recovering the whole night in pain in more ways than one. I did complete the challange but will never do it again. I've had all the symptoms of food poising and was going to the Er I was in so much pain from fever to cold sweats severe stomach pain and cramps for hours. Def. not worth it to have your pic. posted on the wall. Here's your warning

  5. I.did the challenge last night....and definitely one of the worst ideas I ever fave swelled up everywhere I got the sauce. My fingers still have the juice on them and I made the mistake of showering this morning and trying to wash my area and when I got our of the shower it was on fire! I received a shot glass and a t shirt along with my picture on the wall....still not worth the pain during and after

  6. I did the challenge last Saturday Night and ranks right up there with my dumbest ideas of all time! The wing itself is exactly what I thought it would be!! Its hot yet tolerable if you enjoy spicy foods as I do. Now I'm gonna tell you what they didn't tell me. The real fun starts about 10 minutes after eating the wing. When the pain hits the pit of your stomach your not sure if your about to give birth or someone has lit you on fire!!! It comes and goes for the the next 10 to 12 hours and believe me when I say any trip to the bathroom is about as fun as sitting on a camp fire naked...I say GO FOR IT! BUT YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

  7. Did this about six hours or so ago, stopped by an ECW on the way back to Greensboro from Charlotte. Eating the wing itself was easy. It tasted pretty good, and my mouth was pretty much okay. After sitting there for a while as my wife ate her food, I felt the little hellspawn slither its way to my stomach, and Straight to the bathroom, kneeling in front of the toilet, waiting for it to lurch back up. It never did. Instead, I weakly writhed in a pool of sweat and whirlwind of pain. After what felt like forever, when I could finally stand, we started the rest of the drive back home. Every curve and bump in the road was excruciating. Six hours later, and I'm pretty much recovered, but there for a little while, I honestly thought I was in the process of dying. I will never do it again. If you're thinking of doing it, please don't. There is no good reason to do this to yourself. That T-shirts are cool. Take care.