Friday, June 18, 2010

Zaxby's in Mooresville CLOSED ?!?!

Doors locked, caution tape and cones block the driveway, all things that don't look good for this Zaxby's.  The franchise is owned by the same folks that own the one in Hickory.  Hickory was closed in recent history as well - but now back open.  I am told it was tax-related concern.  The Mooresville closing is still a mystery for now.  No message or recording when you call.  We are just left to guess until the rumor mill gets up to speed I guess.  Add the fact that the KFC just across on 150 is gone, and chicken choices for that part of Mooresville belong to Bojangles.  Ughhh.


  1. Don't forget Ted's Kickin' chicken. Love that chicken.

  2. Ted's has very good food. It's downtown though. The whole Exit 36 part of 150 from 77 to Perth (LNHS) is slim on chicken now.