Saturday, July 3, 2010

Soiree - Main Street Mooresville on a Friday Night

The trip to Soiree starts with finding them on for a certificate.  This is a big win for us, since we have never seen them on there before.  Typically that site gets newer restaurants trying to get their name out.  Why then Soiree?  We were going to do some checking - and it came on Date Night Friday for us.

We walk in around 7pm and there are only a few tables occupied in the dining room and a couple people at the bar.  This would seem normal since it is a holiday weekend if JJ Wasabis weren't packed just a block away.

We see the sign on the door that they are closing for a few days through the holiday - including Saturday - so they were loaded with specials to clear out the cupboards.  The ever changing menu was a lot different to us.  It took some looking to actually decide on what we wanted to eat.

We ordered the fried squash appetizer special which was deep fried half moons of summer squash with two sauces.  One was a creamy goat cheese sauce and the other was like a red pepper aioli.  It was pretty good - highlighted really by the sauces.  Our entrees were Pasta Paloma and Southern Fusion Chicken.  The Paloma had chunks of chicken breast sauteed with prosciutto and tossed with ziti in a creamy Parmesan sauce.  It was okay - too salty really, but it was okay.  The Fusion chicken was certainly a better dish.  A chicken quarter is grilled, the wing is frenched so you have a bone sticking up.  It looks cooler than it sounds.  It is served on top of smoked leg meat.  The smoking was done very well.  Presentation of a portion of chicken on pieces of chicken did not really work, but the grilled squash on the mashed potatoes looked great.  Overall, this dish had all the flavors right on the money.

My wife is the Creme Brulee Queen, so she had to have one.  This is always a consistent winner here and she was very pleased.  The crunch of the caramelized sugar was great, and the custard was ice cold still.  That is a huge thing for me.  The strawberry they sliced on top was sour.  That was the only let down in the dessert.

We used to go to Soiree often, I mean often.  They had the best Sunday brunch I have ever enjoyed!  It changed and then got cancelled.  We would go for lunch - great prices and great food.  That is gone now too.  Now, a quiet Friday and coupons???  I hope this is not the beginning of the end.  It's not Soiree of old, but it's a solid dinner choice none-the-less.  We even bought 4 more certificates so we can enjoy the changing seasonal menus for the next year (they don't expire :)

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