Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Wine Loft in Mooresville

For everyone (like myself) that wondered what took so long to open initially, it came from a change of ownership at the outset.  Unfortunately the location has not been fruitful like they had hoped.  We have been curious for a while and found out this weekend it was closing.  Here's the note from the management:

"The Wine Loft LKN will close the Mooresville location on July 31. There is really no update beyond that yet. We are looking at other potential locations, but it's very preliminary. We will NOT be open in August, and probably not September, regardless. Business is just too slow during the summer months."

 The Wine Loft is a franchise, so if you love it, there are others - Charlotte being the next closest.  After looking at it every time we went to Harris Teeter, we did stop tonight to see what we will be missing.  Unfortunately we loved it.  Now we get to wait anxiously for the next home to be selected.  We believe it may be coming sooner than they hint at, so let's just hope for good news.  To keep tabs, check their website regularly at:

The appetizers were exceptional, the wine selection was massive.  I was even impressed with the craft beers - real high end beers that I drive all over trying to find - all in one place.  The location might not be working, but the leadership and staff certainly have the rest of it right.  Really right.

We are going to follow this and let you know when we hear more.  In the meanwhile, you can get your wine fix at Daveste in Troutman Wednesday through Sunday.  They don't have the menu, but they do a great job on their wines.  The staff are wonderful there as well. 

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