Friday, July 23, 2010

You have to be kidding me - Soiree closed now too!

Sure enough, the quiet dining room on a Friday night combined with the "last ditch effort" have really added up for me now... and Soiree closing last night for good.  We had plans to go tonight - as well as FOUR certificates I bought 3 weeks ago.  That's all a bust.

The newspaper says that it's over a lease issue, but it all goes back to the economy in downtown Mooresville and lack of traffic at the restaurant.  Rent becomes a real issue when you are looking for help to survive.  I had the hunch when we were there last but hoped it would survive.

I had met the owner on a couple occassions and he was a first class operator.  We were always thrilled with the food and service.  This news does not sit well with us.  Sure, I blogged about the last visit not being quite what I was expected, but that was just one night.  This is one more crushing blow to the local diners that enjoyed downtown Mooresville.

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