Monday, July 26, 2010

Zoe's Kitchen - All over Charlotte and now in Huntersville

We found ourselves in the new development called Metropolitan in Charlotte again this weekend.  It's a little outside of uptown and designed by the same folks that did Birkdale.  Being Charlotte, it's got a more contemporary urban appeal - more architectural metal and concrete vs Birkdale's white southern colonial feel.

At first glance, it can be a little confusing.  Take time to park and look around and gems like Zoe's and Trader Joe's are right there for your enjoyment.  Dresslers (also at Birkdale) have come to join the party as well. 

We had an appointment for our daughter at 11:15 close to Zoe's and were looking for lunch afterward.  Several people at the event came in with the cups and take out bags so they made the choice for us.  I found the menu on my phone and was quite surprised at how inexpensive it was - especially considering the locale.

Walking in, under the massive menu are several very helpful staff members.  In a take-out fashion - you order then get your number and take a seat.  The food is delivered promptly.

My wife and I both ordered different version of chicken pitas, and my daughter got the chicken quesadilla.  They definitely like the healthy foods, offering salads, wraps, fruits and pitas, as well as pita chips and wholesome sides.  All of their take out containers/cups are either recyclable or compostable.  That is very cool. 

The themed flavor of their chicken is Greek and it goes very well in the pita.  The Greek dressing on the table is extremely tasty and ensures that your never left wishing for more.  The pasta salad and cole slaw are made without mayo, adding feta cheese among other wonderful ingredients.  The chicken portion in the pita had the sides splitting, making it even more fun/messy to eat with the dressing I added.  That may have worked against me, but there were plenty of napkins.  It turned out fine.  Not one of us was still hungry at the end.

With the prices being in the $6-8 range, it is easy to see why the place was packed.  The service was prompt, the food was fresh and delicious.  I would not have expected it to be this good for several reasons.  First, newly opened restaurants have staff issues for months to overcome - not here.  Second, busy days breed shortcuts and lack-luster food.  Again, not here.  And as busy as they were, the cleanliness was top shelf.  A fun, bright, clean location with great food.  I can't wait to try the one just opened in Huntersville.  I fully expect the same results!

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