Monday, August 23, 2010

Brooklyn Boys Pizza in Mooresville

This is what I know to be the italian food we are accustomed. There are places doing the more sophisticated stuff, sure, but the pizza, subs, entrees are just what you look for in a full service pizza-oriented place. Half the fun of take-out is waiting and watching them make the pizzas. Now a lot of people in the area are hooked on Tony's because of the size of the slices. I will take this pizza any day over Tony's. The taste is better, the people are nicer, and the restaurant is cleaner. I also like to have a large menu to choose from when I dine in, and you get that here. There is a Brooklyn in Cornelius and another in Charlotte, so you can tell they are doing something right. This is a family owned place and it is obvious. It is great. 
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  1. I agree with this post 100%. I take my family there at times since I work right around the corner. The pizza, salads, service, and atmosphere are top notch.
    I highly recommend Brooklyn Boys Pizza.