Monday, August 30, 2010

Salsarita's in Mooresville

The first time I ever called a Salsarita's to see what kind of food they had, I was told it was like Subway for mexican.  As odd as that sounds, it made some sense.  In a my way or no way world - it's nice to have full selection over what you put in or on my food.

This location has been going through a slow transition.  The staff was a little rough a few years ago.  It was never exceptionally clean either.  That has all been changing and I am happy for it.  Of all of the changes though, the one I don't care for is the deletion of shredded beef from the menu.  It's counterpart (shredded pork) won the battle I guess, but I miss the beef.

This segment of restaurant is getting a little crowded, with Qdoba, Salsas and Chipotle all in the race; add the family-owned places like Monterrey and Mi Pueblo etc..  The only way to stand out is really going to be freshness and value.  When 3 of us can eat for $18 and leave full, it's a good visit. 

A couple things for the first timer - the pico has zero heat, so try the medium or mix medium and pico.  The bare burrito is the best value on a plate.  Load it up and dig in.  Check out the daily combo specials and save a buck.  They don't charge extra for guacamole, so get some.  All in all, it's a very good value for a very good meal.

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