Sunday, August 15, 2010

Save $2 at Brixx

Brixx has added a new salad.  Seems kind of late in summer to do such a thing, but when they send a $2 off coupon, I must investigate. 

The new salad is a Chicken Salad made with pesto.  The waitress was unfamiliar with how it tastes, but was quick to explain she does not like mayonnaise.  I am not sure how much I like that answer.  I know several people that don't care for mayo, but my waitress needs to find someway to reassure me about the lunch I am considering.  I was told several people are ordering it.  That still says nothing based on the fact the whole world is learning to use coupons.

(By the way, print the one to the right if you want to try it for only $6.99 any time soon)

I go ahead and order it simply based on curiosity at this point.   My daughter got the penne alfredo and my wife got the Brixx Salad with blackened chicken.  I have never understood their idea of blackened chicken.  It's spiced but does not get in a pan to get blackened.  Either way, it's what she orders each time.  We also ordered the Brixx Stix - bread sticks they offer with honey mustard and marinara to dip.  They came out with no flavor what-so-ever.  It was freshly baked twists that were hot and chewy with a little crunch (all good things), sprinkled with garlic powder that burned a little in the oven - and no other seasoning or flavor - just burnt garlic.  That's not so special.  The sauce tasted like tomato paste.  It was a disappointment for sure.

The Pesto Salad makes it's arrival and it looks EXACTLY like the picture on the coupon.  They really nailed the presentation.  The chicken salad itself has such a great pesto flavor, the waitress probably could have tried it.  The mayo is a bit player in the theatrical production of this dish.  The dressing is served on the side, as shown, and it a honey Herb Vinaigrette.  The concern was how sweet it might be.  Here again, honey played a bit part in the dressing - also a good thing.  It takes a little of the bite off of the vinegar part, but leaves the herbs to shine through.

I actually did not dress the salad until I got down to the greens.  This chicken salad was tasty, there were tons of grapes, strawberry and melon slices, sprinkled with caramelized walnuts.  All were very fresh and tasty.

The end result is that it absolutely lived up to the expectation, exceeded it in fact.  At a regular price of $8.99, I would have to really not want other things on the menu to get this.  I struggle with salads closing in on $10.  Until I see lettuce costing $5 a head, it seems like it's a lot of profit for them and not a good deal for you and me.

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