Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wellingtons Completed!

It is complete.  The Beef Wellington was a hit.  The recipe laid it out nicely as well.  The time is deceiving though.  You have to thaw the dough (45 minutes), sear then cool the meat (1 hour) and cook then cool the veg filling (30 minutes).  Basically, you need to be doing 3 things at once so everything is cooling at the same time or you are prepping for hours. 

Multitasking, I was able to do all of the prep and have them fully assembled in about 1 hr 20 minutes.  When you sear the beef, place it on a plate with a paper towel or parchment paper.  You have to let some of the juices run off or they will soak the pastry and give you a soggy finished product.

If you are cooking them the following night, like I did, cover with parchment to prevent sticking, then with foil.  Be sure you do the egg wash before you cover them, so the pastry dough does not dry out.  The egg protects it. 

The recipe calls for less dough and I don't understand.  I used both sheets for 4 filets, the recipe is for 8 with the same amount of dough.  It worked well.  That's really the only thing I did different than the recipe.  It was great.  I am looking forward to that last one for lunch today :)

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