Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Corkscrew in Birkdale - a weekend gem

Date nights don't come too often, so a chance to relax in Birkdale was a great little getaway.  The weather was awesome to stroll around.  We landed at Corkscrew after eating at Moe's (see other review).  They had a live blues trio inside, who were just killing it.  They had everyone cheering and enjoying a little Memphis flare at Lake Norman.  There are bands every weekend, so check their website and look for something that interests you.

Inside is quaint and a little on the small side.  There are couches and such to give it a homey feel.  Since smoking is reserved for outside seating, inside is less packed than years past.  We sat close to the band to watch the show. 

The wine list is pretty large if you are drinking by the glass.  They have several beers as well if you prefer.  The even have a nice little snack menu featuring cheeses and such that pair well with the wines.  There is a white wine cheese platter, a red wine cheese platter, various dipping items, etc.  No price seemed out of line at all.  Interestingly enough, there were wines on their price list that we had at the Wine Loft before it closed.  Birkdale and it's high rent means higher prices - right?  Not so.  The Pinot Noir that I enjoyed was $2 per glass less than the former Wine Loft.  How cool is that?

Service was better than average.  A busy night is not the time to really judge service.  Things do happen.  We were not abandoned, but one round was a little late.  The server more than made up for it and that's what matters.  You have to recognize a flaw and address it.  He did and we left pleased.  We will certainly be back for more - hopefully outside on a cool fall night.

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