Thursday, September 16, 2010

Moe's Southwest Grill

You don't have to ask twice to get me to eat at Moe's.  I had to go to Asheville a couple times a month and the one there was a regular stop for me.  Their quesadillas are significant to say the least.  There is one made with sauteed veggies called something like Instant Friend.  They use some crazy names, but it works.  For $4, you get that, chips and salsa.  Of course that lets you go back to the salsa bar to have some fun. 

I have had a little fun ordering some different items and the only one that is not very fun it the taco.  The shell just does not hold up to multiple fillings.  Again, priced well, so it's just $2-3 depending on your preferences, and that comes with the chips and salsa too.  That's a crazy good deal.  You can absolutely feed a family here and still have some money left in your wallet.

A few people in front of us got burritos, and they were almost the size of a football.  I kid you not, they don't mess around with the portions - they are just large.

This location is a trick to get into.  If you are on 73/Sam Furr passing 21 and Target, the next light is a left into the first entrance for this plaza.  There is Petco on the sign.  If you wait for the second entrance, by the Starbucks, good ol' Huntersville has put up the yellow traffic sticks in the middle of the road to block it.  It is really annoying, especially if your stomach is growling like mine was. 

Come hungry, turn early and eat plenty.  Follow those simple rules and you will leave happy.

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  1. Jim,
    Love the blog. I just found it on Urban Spoon. I just started with a focus on Charlotte. Let me know what you think. I actually wrote something on Prickly Pear on your turf the other day. Keep up the good work! Shoot me an email so we can share gossip on the service industry scene!