Friday, October 15, 2010

Dear Charlotte Observer - PLEASE READ Kathleen Purvis


I reviewed Prickly Pear several weeks ago and you followed soon after.  I read your review - which was in contrast on many of the same items.  Your joy with the Tres Leche cake being a perfect example of bland and boring in my opinion, to wow and wonderful in yours.  Now today I see you went to Big Daddy's.  I am glad you like the candy shop as you exitted, but did you really try the food?  It's a landmark - yes.  It's very popular still - yes.  The food is average and nearly all is fried.  At what point can that be a genuine positive?  The Lancaster family has done great things for barbeque in the surrounding area, as well as a wonderful job with Jeffrey's near Exit 33.  Big Daddy's needs a big update.

For future reference, please let me know the next one of my reviews that you feel like contradicting.  I would love to be there with you when you eat so I can see you in action.  I have read your column for years and I am genuinely surprised at the direction it is going.

Have a wonderful weekend.  Get some rest.  I have only just begun.

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