Monday, January 3, 2011

Creole House (by committee)

Since there are 4 of us that will reflect our restaurant views in this site, some restaurants will get multiple opinions.  A recent trips to Creole House came with a warning - Don't be in a hurry.  After reading a lot of posts on Urbanspoon, that seems to be a common thread.  Growing up in the upscale restaurant world, there are many things worth the wait.  The last thing I want is food that is fast and tastes fast.

Creole House does indeed have a pace that can irritate the hurried/lunch crowd.  On a casual Saturday outing, speed is not my concern.  Upon arrival we had to look around a little and make sure they were open.  It was not a busy day to say the least.  We saw some take out activity, so that was a plus.  There was no one else dining in when we were there.  It was about 1:30 pm, so well within a weekend lunch time for the casual-at-large in the lake area.  It does leave a little fear, but the food was the goal, not how many people were eating at the time.

Our server relaxed, probably to a fault, but again - if there is no hurry on the food, the server stopping by 10 times would become annoying.  We had ordered a gumbo and a jerk chicken sandwich.  Gumbos come with options - chicken, shrimp, crawfish, or all of the above.  I have had some unsavory crawfish in the past, so I opted chicken.  I would have like a "pick two option", but was not aware until after that I could request.  **Hint: Put that on the menu for those of us that didn't ask**

The gumbo was deep, dark and delish.  There is no good way to take short cuts with gumbo and get this kind of result.  It was very well prepared.  There was time allowed for the chicken to simmer in it to absorb the flavors and not feel like it was sprinkled in.  The small rice mound in the middle was a nice touch, without adding too much defeating the texture of the dish.

The jerk chicken sandwich was on the mild side.  Mainstream dining would dictate that.  I think jerk and think heat, but for many, true jerk flavors can be too spicy.  Good decision on their part.  As a "side" sauce (by request) they have a Cajun ranch that added flavor and heat.  Again, ranch not my choice, but it worked in this sandwich.  Otherwise it may have been a little dry with the bread.

As we were close to the end, I did see a little more activity.  In looking around it appears they do live music at times too.  Overall, it's got a great concept and a well prepared menu.  It can still improve in the service area.  Most places can really. 

We all agree we will be back, so that is saying something.  The overall Urbanspoon rating is really low, so we might have just been lucky.

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  1. This review is very accurate of my experience as well. The food excellent, growing up with family members from Lafayette, LA, this was very true to tradition between the styling of the restaurant and the quality and flavors of the food served. However, the flip side was the service left much to be desired from arrival to departure. We visited during lunch of a regular business day, they weren't busy which you would expect to be a good thing for service, not in this case. as we entered the door the greeter was facing with his back to the door and having is own conversation with an employee. we waited about 10 minutes before being greeted not a huge deal with an hour lunch but then after being seated it took about 15 minutes just to get a drink order. We had one person join us late and the server didn't even acknowledge him or take a drink order from him until he flagged him down after waiting for awhile. Finally the server came to take the order food came in a reasonable time (first high lite) once the food came things were good again great flavor good portions. Time for the check.......we told him we just needed to split it three ways, this was a challenge ended up just having to pay for it all on one and settling it amongst ourselves---not a plus in any way shape or form. Again solely on the food i would like to give them another try and i just hope the service is better on round 2, however it doesn't sound like this was an isolated incident.