Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Years and years of hearing about Dresslers and I finally went.  We wanted a higher end place to enjoy our anniversary, and they fit the bill nicely. 

We used Open Table to make the reservation for Thursday night, but upon entry, they had several open tables and did not ask.  We were seated promptly and greeted by a server moments later.  I say a server, not our server, because there is a team effort that takes place.  We had three different people tending to us, one in particular (Charlene), but they all seem to work together.

We ordered beverages and the Goat Cheese and Garlic appetizer.  For starters let me say how intriguing this sounded, and it lived up to the expectation.  The goat cheese arrived in a small broiler dish, with bubbling olive oil around it, with cloves are garlic just simmering away in the oil.  There is an S on that cloves.  There had to be 12 of these little morsels of bad breath goodness in  there.  There is a side of tomato/shallot chutney and served with warm pita points.  More than enough for two in fact, and just $7.00.  Very good first impression.

We ordered the Seafood and Grits as well as the Short Rib.  I am a sucker for a good seafood dish, and grits will make or break it depending.  These made it, promise.  The seafood was rock shrimp, lump crab and a large scallop in a cream sauce that was almost red thanks to some andouille sausage to heat it up.  There was a great cajun essence in there that I was not expecting, but enjoying!  The grits were scratch made and well prepared.  I once received instant grits under my shrimp (Jeffrey's) and have it was a huge turn off.  These were right on.

The short rib was a beast.  Not sure what is considered short, but this was a large portion of slow cooked beef with a nice sauce and a large portion of garlic mashed potatoes (red skin included).  Of everything, the potatoes were the only weak spot.  There was a certain taste as if they were prepared ahead and wrapped in plastic while warm.  Most plastic wraps give off a flavor if the food is not completely cooled off first.  Again, this was the only short coming of the evening. 

Dessert was on our minds and by the time we would have ordered it, we were full.  Leaving something on the plate and still no room for dessert.  We may order differently next time to leave room, but we feel we got our money's worth.  All total, with one adult beverage each, we were just under $65 before tip.  Priced right for the quality and service.

Dresslers has two locations, one in Birkdale that has been there for years and easy to find - and the other in the Metropolitan in Charlotte.  That is a more contemporary area, and they have wonderful outdoor seating, close to uptown.
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