Sunday, June 5, 2011

Farewell to MJ's in Mooresville

I have to admit, I took some heat for my review on MJ's several months ago.  It came from a handful of local fans/friends of the restaurant and that showed there was some spirit.  Jill (owner) and I exchanged a few emails and I was actually kind of rooting for them to launch the new menu and make something cool out of it.  In fact, we went for Mother's Day brunch and had a very good visit.  It wasn't but another few weeks and we saw the patio furniture gone.  Their website then confirmed the fact they have closed the business.

I do love to root for the underdog, the local owner, the unconventional.  They had two of the three and I applaud their effort.  Unfortunately, you either need the best location money can buy or a niche that people must have.  We eat out a lot less than 2 or 3 years ago, as with many people now too, so it has to be something we deem as a "must try" experience.  All I can say is if you live local, please eat local.  Leave the chains to the travelers and tourists.

Thank you MJ's for a valiant effort.

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