Tuesday, July 5, 2011

No...really. It's Cafe Really !!!

So, if you could underline the Rea from Really, you would get the pun based on the location.  You guessed it, Rea Rd.  So what kind of cuisine is it really?  Sorry, had to do it.  They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner - so diner-ish.  Well sort of.  Higher end versions of some favorites.

(Read second visit review at the bottom)

After a Sat. night trip to Blakeney, the need for some good food and a beer was becoming rather important.  There was a place named after meat and had a sign showing craft beers.  Hmmm.  That looked interesting.  Turned out to be a deli.  When I asked an employee for a sandwich and a beer where I could relax a little - he pointed straight across to this place.  No, really.  Haha.  Okay.  Enough of that.

Walking in it was smaller and quirky.  A fun decor without being tragic like the TGIFridays and Applebees of the world.  Open grill area and several beers on tap.  My kind of meal.  Come to find out it has only been open a short time.  This could get interesting.

We are seated and met by our server fairly promptly.  We order a couple of NC sourced beers on tap and they come quick, fast and just $4.00.  Well that's a plus.  I am interested in the fried green tomato BLT (might be like Monte's???) and the blue burger.  The server did not have any info to offer other than he has served a blue burger and they liked it.  Well, considering it comes with an onion chutney and just seemed more satisfying with a beer - there we have it.  I ordered it with a side of grilled coleslaw.  Yes grilled.  Nice char on the edges of some cabbage, but not cooked.  Made fairly traditionally after that, but oh that char.  It just carries through the entire blend.  Awesome in fact.  The burger was ordered medium, asking for the pinkest medium they could pull of the grill (really wanted med rare - really).  Came med well unfortunately, but well dressed and the onion chutney was tasty.  My worthy traveler also had the burger, with mixed veg.  Not sure why the poor enthusiasm on the side choice, but it is what it is.  They were well prepared.

After finishing, I opted to speak to one of the partners in the business.  New restaurants need feedback, good or bad, when they are still new.  We had some constructive criticism of the serving staff - plus plenty of kudos for the coleslaw and beer selections.  As we were told of the concept and the brunch menu, I got hungry all over again.  I can't wait to eat some Eggs Benedict with crab, or some of the wildly original french toast.

Hey, we got them added to Urbanspoon.  They have to correct a couple typo-s, but it's a listing.

Cafe Really on Urbanspoon


Okay, business must be slow because I got a Dealsaver offer from the Observer.  $20 for $10 certificate.  I am all in.  We had a charity event on a Sat morning and it was in the neighborhood.  I had not had their breakfast yet, and this was a great chance to try.  Brioche French Toast has got to be awesome.  Several flavors, plus omelettes and some new twists on breakfast classics.

We settle in for Java Jeff's coffee which is dynamite.  If I could just get the milk I asked for to put in it, it would have been that much better.  The big breakfast menu?  Nope - well not "really".  Haha.  3 french toasts choices makes my wife happy.  It looked like regular whole wheat bread, and the egg was only on one side.  Poor value and poor presentation.

Potato hash was just their deep fried potatoes from the home fries, covered in a sausage and tomatoe concoction with two eggs on top.  It did not resemble a hash in any fashion - and for $9.  You are ripping people off serving that.

The salmon omelette was overcooked.  I asked once I saw that and the cook does not work morning.  Why on earth is he cooking my breakfast then?  Salmon in an omelette is a risk.  Overcooked and flavorless was easily achieved here.  Smoked salmon would have been a better choice, especially considering the caper and onion accents in there.

Silver dollar pancakes came out the size of sliced bread, and the Monte Cristo was dipped in something that tasted like funnel cake.  It had turkey in it too.  What was that?

Listen up Cafe Really - you had a good thing and are REALLY blwoing it.  Tighten up.  Proper delivery of your menu is 2/3 of your battle.  Get it right and you can correct the menu later.

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  1. Just a side note, most places can't cook burgers below med-well. You have to ground your own beef in house if you wanna cook any lower. But this place sounds really awesome (that is fun.) Can't wait to try it myself.