Thursday, January 12, 2012

Raw chicken wings at Pizza Hut (Wing Street) Mooresville !!!

That is not wing sauce, that's raw poultry.
 There is something really wrong when you bite into a buffalo wing and it's chewy.  Really wrong is really raw.  It was the blood coming out kind of raw.  This whole Wing Street concept will be a dead end if they make people sick under-cooking chicken.

Our waitress was hard to find, yet there was only 2 other tables in the whole place - 4 people in all besides us.  When I brought this to her attention, she was not even surprised, and make no attempt at an apology.  A few minutes later she came to the table and said that they were being remade and she would take them off the bill.  I was quick to state that I did not want any wings now.  She said they would cook them well done.  They should have been done well and we would not be talking about needing well done. 

About 15 minutes later she brought the bill to the table with no other discussion about what they just tried to feed me.  I was quite curious as to why a manager has not made an attempt to discuss this, so I went to the register to find one.  Kristin had to look around for him for a few minutes.  Ryan appears with a note book in his hand.  He said sorry and he was checking some numbers.  Not sure why he offered that, but I had to ask - "What do numbers have to do with under cooked wings".  His reply was priceless - "It was slow, so I came in late.  My numbers are off, so I had to check them."  I would love to know what that has to do with this situation.  He said that they were not going to charge me for the wings.  WOW.  Are you serious?  I did not eat them, so not charging me is the LEAST they can do, right? 

I asked why he did not come to the table to at least check on us and talk about the wings.  He said he had to check his numbers.  After continuing to tell me what he HAD to do, I explained that he HAD to address his customers when they receive raw chicken.  Numbers can wait.  His notebook can wait. 

As if I backed him into a corner, he said he would give me a $10 credit toward a future visit.  I was happy to inform him there would be no future visits, that he can keep his $10 and he had a real issue back there in his kitchen. 

Needless to say - wing night with the guys will not be traveling on Wing Street.  The detour signs are up. 

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