Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cosmos on Rea Rd sets the standard

We have had multiple trips to the Cosmos in uptown that were always a joy.  With the extensive time we spend in the Ballantyne/Blakeney areas, it was about time to try this newer location.  It's snuggled in a small plaza with Cafe Really (see recent post) and a deli/meat market.  Parking is not a great issue, since it's the only real draw at night.
One thing I strongly recommend with any restaurant that has a bar - SIT AT THE BAR!  The bartenders are more personable, have much more time in close proximity to care for your needs, and in many cases have the most experience as servers.

This visit rung true to that.  We had a great server (bartender) and his knowledge of the sushi menu made a couple of great recommendations.  Caleigh's Comet roll was advised and boy did it deliver.  It has a nice heat for someone that wants a little bite.  It would be too much for the timid.  I was thrilled with the taste and heat.

Their entree salads are very large and a little quirky.  From Caesar, to garden, then off to Strawberry Fields (forever).  Sorry, had to drop a Beatles reference.  Before my time - but I did see the Bee Gees movie "Sargeant Pepper's".  There is a Greek and a Flank steak.  Here is the kicker.  The flank steak comes with fries on the salad.  Okay, not the healthiest option, but if you ever feel like salad leaves you a little hungry, this one does not.

There are plenty of specials, both food and drink.  Check their website and make a stop.  This is a recommend for sure.

P.S. - They do brunch :)

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