Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tokyo Japanese Seafood & Steakhouse Mooresville

Don't let the name fool you... this is not an overpriced Lake Norman steakhouse.  I almost wish the name said more mom & pop, less Seafood & Steakhouse.  Tokyo in Mooresville is located in a little shopping strip at the corner of Hwys 150 and 115.  The last thing you would think is there is great food in this strip.  You would be quite wrong.

Other reviews will focus on the buffet and I will touch on that.  I wanted to get into the dinner first.  We went off of a restaurant.com certificate deal (the $25 off $35 purchase).  There were 3 of us, so hitting the $35 mark should be a walk in the park.  Whoops.  Not so fast.  With sodas at $1.20, sushi rolls from $3.00, appetizers $3 and $4, and entrees from around $6... it's really hard to eat $35 worth of food. 

I ordered the hibachi steak and shrimp.  The name says seafood and steakhouse so I better see how they do, right?  The shrimp were large.  Not Food Lion "large", but really large.  So the bigger the shrimp - the less you get.  Nope.  There were like 9 or 10 of these on there.  Don't forget there is steak too.  Not burned little cubes of tough meat.  They were cubed, but nice pieces, cooked medium, some pink, not all grizzled and fatty.  This was good steak.  Wait a second.  Inexpensive and good?  That's right.  This mountain of food was $11 and I had a great lunch from it too.

The sushi is not designer it's just sushi.  It's made well, it's made quickly, and it tastes great.  You won't get all of the crazy sauces, kiwi-topped silliness like some lake area places.  This is just the stuff you really like without paying too much. 

So about that buffet?  It's more of a Chinese-style buffet.  It's got rice dishes, noodle dishes, soups, salad, all kinds of chicken, pork and seafood.  It's also only $5.99.  Wait, you want sushi?  Sure... add $2 for the standard rolls.  Not $2 each.  $2 period.  Like the buffet, eat your fill!  Wait... $2 and I can get 3 rolls?  Yes indeed.  This is not a joke.  I now make excuses to get there at lunch so I can eat buffet and sushi (followed closely by a nap).

Listen.  I love glamorous food.  This is not that kind of place.  This is good family eating, great prices and super nice people running it.  This is what a mom and pop place is supposed to be and I will be coming as long as they will have me.

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