Sunday, July 22, 2012

Jeffrey's LKN - Queens Feast

So on a night where we didn't want to cook, we land at Jeffrey's for the first night of Charlotte Restaurant Week/Queens Feast.  Any normal Friday night will certainly be fairly busy there.  Add a 3 course $30 deal, mob scene comes to mind.  We were greeted fairly quick considering we were the 3rd party that walked in the door at the same time.  They had our table ready and we were sat within about 2 minutes of walking in.  GREAT START!

Our waitress (Courtney) was enthusiastic from the start.  This was great to see.  We have been to Jeffrey's a bunch and will typically sit in the bar area for the stellar service.  She knew a thing or two (or more) about wine and went above and beyond.  One selection I made was not nearly what I hoped for.  She didn't hesitate to change it for me.  I can see where that might be frowned on.  Not here.  Guest satisfaction was definitely the focus.

The first course selections were the Crispy Goat Cheese salad for her and Scallops with pork belly for me.  The salad came with a thick slice of goat cheese that is breaded and deep fried, placed on a nice spring mix salad.  The scallops were a few thin slices sauteed with vidalia onion (caramelized) and a couple chunks of pork belly.  Both were very well prepared.  The salad with goat cheese was a fair portion, where the scallop dish was a little too delicate and petite for a hungry man.  Taste was great though.

We both ordered the same for the second course of Filet Mignon with Lobster Tail.  Now who on earth serves those two together for anything less than $30 as an entree, let along include it in a $30 three course offering?  That's nuts.  The filet was ordered medium-rare, and on a 6oz cut, that can be easily overcooked (hello Bonefish!).  This was right on the money.  Not closer to medium, I mean perfect, exact, awesome, well executed.  How's that?  The 6oz lobster tail was de-shelled and battered/fried.  There was a light sweetness to the batter, but came across buttery.  Really great and a surprise.  I used to broiled or boiled.  I liked this.  The only flaw was using a thick skewer to keep it straight and not telling the servers.  The first cut through made me worry there was a shell on it.  Once I saw the skewer, we were all good.  *Mashed potatoes were the veg on the plate.

My wife had the Peach Kutchen for dessert and I ordered the chocolate cake.  The peach kutchen was tart-like with lots of fresh peach slices, served with ice cream.  A great summer dessert without being overly sweet.  The chocolate cake I ordered was what you would expect for a nice multi-layered cake.  Enough frosting for the sweet tooth in all of us.

So if this is how good a meal can be on a slammed night, you are in for a treat on a regular night.  Queens Feast has several days left - get there!  Worth the $30 and then some. 

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