Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bisonte Pizza Co in Matthews

Little by little, the "other" NY pizza has been making its way South.  I wouldn't think anything other than wings if you told me about Buffalo cuisine.  I take that back.  Maybe a Beef on Weck sandwich for those of you that know what that is (yumm).  I am kind of stuck in my ways on the traditional thin crust NY pizza.  Sling them big and thin and you have a winner.

Well enter this Buffalo pizza.  Still thin - but just a little more consistent thickness in the crust.  Gone are the huge bands of unsauced crust that circle the massive pie.  Instead, it's as if it's a pinch of crust.  Just enough to hold tight to being picked up; but sauce, cheese and toppings find their way into uncharted territory.  The kicker are all the little adds/flavors that can be put on the crust edge too.  More on that later.

So when you drive up to Bisonte, the first thing you notice is it's in a very residential area of Matthews.  Agricultural too.  There are longhorn cattle grazing across the street.  How cool!  The plaza is anchored by a Harris Teeter and is easy to get to from all typical Matthews roads.  Inside, it's granite counter tops and higher end furnishings than a typical pizza place.  It's more in line with the new remodels of a Brixx. 

I have seen more and more fast casual-style ordering at pizza and mexican restaurants these days; and Bisonte is another.  You can peek at the pizzas being made, see what the "by the slice" selections are, or order off the menu before you fill your drink and take a seat. 

The menu starts with what it should - the pizzas.  The first thing you see are the specials (Mon-Weds) and the FREE specialty crusts.  Now look.  Pizzas aren't as cheap as they used to be (outside of Little Caesars of course).  I mean REAL pizzas.  When you get stuck for add this add that, I get annoyed.  A free speciality crust add on is a welcomed bonus in my book.  We had the garlic on one and sesame on another.  I didn't pick the sesame - but I wish it did.  What a cool nutty flavor those sesame seeds added to the edge.  Consider me mildly impressed.

I am a little old school on what I eat at a full-fledged pizza place.  Since I grew up on Wooster Street pizzas (google it), I like a salad and a slice or two.  We ordered the caesar and the antipasto.  The caesar dressing was very good, the italian was nice too.  I am used to oil and vinegar on my antipasto, but the italian was fine.  For basically $5 salads (smalls), I could have left full.  Being the glutton that I am at times - I inhaled a few slices for fun. 

I had read a review online that didn't like the white pie because it wasn't what they were used to.  If I have learned anything, it's that food is different in every part of the country (think BBQ in NC, Kansas City, Memphis).  What would make you think pizza wouldn't be also (think NY vs Chicago, and now Buffalo).  I read the description and the white pizza was like nothing I had eaten before.  Fontinella cheese huh?  I had to try that.  This is the one we had the garlic crust on.  I was genuinely impressed.  The pies at places like Pepe's and Sally's are little more than olive oil and some cheese.  I had issue calling that much more than a flat bread.  This was a serious pizza pie!  The onions were almost sweet, the garlic was there for sure, and the nuttiness of the fontinella hands down made the pizza. 

The other pie was the Tomato Basil Roma.  This was definitely in line with the Margherita Pizzas of old.  The tomatoes are stewed and the cheese is abundant, but the differences stop there.  This is also the one we had the sesame crust on.  Again, not my decision, but I was quite pleased.  In fact I wish I had a second pizza to take home for later.  We really tore into this one.  It might have been a good idea to wait a minute and let it cool off ... ouch!  I never learn :)

I will say this - I am going back for the wings.  I went set on pizza and didn't want to over do it (even though I still did).  They are having a big Grand Opening Benefit on Thurs July 25 2013.  It might be a good day to pop in and eat a little more.  Who knows.  I just might see you there.
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