Thursday, August 22, 2013

Salty Caper - A beer place or a pizza place? Let's see...

A recent visit to Davidson Beverage Company sent us to Salty Caper last night for a date night.  The website doesn't offer much, so we called to see what specials they had for a Wednesday and were told "$3 beers on what we have".  Not sure what they had, but $3 is a deal these days.  The restaurant is kind of buried back off the corner of Williamson and Brawley, with Lowes Foods and Fusion Bowl.

Upon entering we were greeted by the sign that said "Seat yourself. Order at the bar."  Hmmm.  That was interesting.  We sat at one of the hi-tops off to the side of the bar and could easily see the beer list on the colorful chalk board.  Sure enough - there were little $3 signs over most of the beers on tap (about 10 or so).  I like that.  A Rogue and a Japanese import were excluded, but there were plenty of others like Boulevard and Mother Earth that get $5 and $6 a pint elsewhere on this night.  Sweet!

So one of the 5 guys working behind the bar/pizza area delivered menus and I thought maybe we will get table service.  It's a fairly simple pizza menu with a few extras like salad (1) and calzones.  He proceeded to tell us to order at the bar.  Okay.  Hang on.  There are 5 of you here, there are about 8 customers, and I can't get someone to take a table order while you are bringing me the menu?  That is just odd.  Make it lazy.  I ordered a couple beverages at the bar, then ordered a salad for each of us.  They thankfully delivered the salads to the table.  We also ordered the Greek pizza.  The salads came prepackaged for take-out in plastic containers.  Lettuce and a little shredded cheese.  That will be $4 each please.  Ughh.  The dressing seemed homemade, or at least a good purchase if it was brought in.  I just don't get the $4 and plastic container.  How about a tomato or two?

We were also given Chinet paper plates for the pizza.  They had pizza stands on every table, with grated cheese and crushed red pepper flakes below.  No salt or pepper (odd), but the cheese and peppers were nice to see without having to ask.  As I looked around I realized I am looking at it all wrong.  It's a beer joint that makes good pizza.  They make no effort to be a restaurant and you can tell by how they congregate behind the bar/pizza area.  In fact, 3 of them were making pizzas at the same time for the few people that were there.  One as a server would have really made it a better visit.

The Greek pizza was LEGIT!  Super think crust that was tasty.  The right amount of cheese (including feta), kalamata olives, a little bit of spinach cooked in under the cheese, and some chicken on top.  The small is about a 10 inch and with the salads and a couple beverages, I was full.  I was tempted to get another pizza just to try it - but I have to admit - I prefer to come back in a couple weeks and do it again with a different pizza this time.

So here's the thing... if you want a hang out beer place with some post-college aged dudes in t-shirts and ball caps dispensing beer and great pizza - THIS IS YOUR PLACE.  If you want a pizza restaurant, look elsewhere.  Brooklyn Boys is across the road.  If we are with our daughter, we would go to Brooklyn for sure.  Just us and I will pick Salty Caper each time (just no salad, err lettuce tote).

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