Saturday, February 8, 2014

Overdue return starts in LA - at The Fat Cow by Gordon Ramsay

So first off, let me say that I apologize for being missing for so long.  It's been a wild several months.  I won't go into great detail - instead let's get into the food.  There has been a lot of it.

We had the pleasure of taking a trip to LA a few months ago.  We found some great places to eat.  None were as anticipated as The Fat Cow.  Our daughter was having a meet and greet with Chef Ramsay later in the week, so the first stop after we flew in was Fat Cow LA.  It's in The Grove and what an incredible area that is.  It's a high-end open air mall that started as a farmers market several years back.  It now has several high0end and trendy stores, a theater, and restaurants for every taste.

With indoor and outdoor seating available we chose inside.  I wanted to feel what the restaurant was about rather than star watch outside.  Oh yeah.  The Grove is a star watching paradise.  Inside pays homage to the cow.  There's some wood work in a reclaimed barn-style, there's milk bottles (yes, the -nice glass kind), some rope halters and farm tools.  It's high-end casual dining with a warm country feel.

As you can tell from the picture, their logo is a cow.  I love the touch of adding that as a toasted element on the top of the bun.  This was the namesake Fat Cow burger made with Angus beef, caramelized onion, arugula, tomato, cheese and a house-made aioli.  At $16, I have to admit I was putting some pretty high expectations.  Sweet potato fries were an additional $5.  All that being said... worth every cent.  More even.  The food tasted even better than it looked.  A med-rare burger was a welcomed option I haven't had in a while.  The patty was around 6 oz (not confirmed) and a great size for this sandwich.  Hand cut fries served in a tin like a mini-bucket, great presentation.

My wife had the Fat Cow salad (add chicken).  In NC we are used to some grill char on chicken for presentation.  They are far more delicate at the Fat Cow LA.  They use pulled chicken breast (which is then sliced).  A nice roasted flavor without the toughness that can come from over-grilling... melt in your mouth!  That salad alone would have been good without chicken.  It had grilled corn, sweet apples, dried cranberries, hazelnut, tomato and avocado on a bed of romaine topped with a lemon dressing.  Layers of flavor.  Layers upon layers.

Our daughter went for the dinner side and had the half roasted chicken with haricot verts and tomato confit.  She was tickled and the sides were fantastic.  Sadly she enjoyed it so much she didn't leave room for the Moo Bar.  Oh yeah.  A full dessert menu fit for any child (or inner child).  The first thing that hit me were the macarons.  Not your french nannies macarons either [and no, I didn't have a nanny].  These were gi-normous and looked incredible.  I think the next time we are back we are going to split a starter and then go all fat cow on the desserts.  They have sticky toffee, panna cotta, tarts, sundaes, a vaiety of cakes and a bunch more.

So the real important thing here is that you don't have to be a Chef Ramsay fan to want to eat here.  If we just stumbled across it, the menu would get me to stop, and the food would get me to come back.  Nice job Fat Cow.  Nice job!

So now that I have a plan on how I will eat there next time (think dessert)... we are headed back to LA in 2 weeks.  I can assure you we will be getting our fill of the Moo.

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